Family Favourites. Ready To Serve. 

  • Bubbling Lasagnes and Wholesome Pies. 
  • Nutritious, Hearty, Delicious. 
  • Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options available. 
  • Get time back with your family, let us do the cooking for you!

Packed Fresh. Packed with Flavour. 

  • We cook fresh, and pack it immediately, so you'll have 12 days shelf life from your meals.
  • Heat and Serve, Its that easy. We include instructions on each package. 
  • Buy up and freeze where appropriate.
  • Our meals are designed to help you get time back, whilst still feeding you and your family delicious, fresh, and hearty food. 

Delivered to Your Door.

  • We release a new menu on Fridays at 9am - you can order until 10pm the following Monday. 
  • Covid Safe preparation and delivery processes are followed at every step.
  • Contactless Click + Collect available.
  • Melbourne Delivery between 10am and 4pm Thursdays, just in time to put dinner on the table Thursday night. 
Read Our Frequently Asked Questions

We've summarised the questions we get asked the most by our customers, but if you've got another one, feel free to get in touch!

How long will my meals last in the fridge?  

All of our meals are delivered in a vacuum-sealed bag, meaning there is very low oxygen.  We label meals with a 12-day shelf life, some meals may last longer, however, we suggest freezing them once they reach this used by date, or before.  Please ensure when you defrost the meals that you consume the meals straight away.

How long can I freeze the meals?
As the meals are vacuum sealed and there is no oxygen you can freeze the meals for up to 12 months.  The product can not become freezer burnt, as there is no oxygen in the bags.

Can you provide Gluten-free and Vegetarian meals?
Yes, we offer a variety of Gluten-free and Vegetarian meals on our menu and they are all labeled in the heading of the dish.

How do you reheat the meals?
The meals have clear instructions on the label and are really simple to reheat in the oven or in a pot of boiling water.

Can the packaging go into the oven?  What packaging do you use? 
We use foil trays for some meals and cardboard pulp trays for other meals.  Both trays can go into your oven, however, the pulp tray can not go above 200 degrees.  The pulp tray is fully compostable and the foil tray can go into your recycling.  The great thing is that there will be no pots to wash!  YAY

Is delivery contactless?
Yes, delivery is contactless. We will deliver a brown paper bag to your door, knock, step away, and say hello from a distance. 

How are my orders delivered?
We use refrigerated vehicles to deliver all of our meals.

What does the order cycle look like?
Our menu opens for orders every Friday at 9 am, at which point you will receive a notification email that the menu is open. Menus close at 10 pm the following Monday. Your order will be delivered on Thursday to your nominated address between 10 am and 4 pm. 

Do I need an account?
Yes, you will need to set up an account in order to purchase your meals.  The process is very simple, but if you run into trouble, we are just a phone call away.

Am I locked into a contract?
No. You can choose which weeks to order and which weeks not to, but most of our customers order weekly. 

Are there fees involved? 
The only fees are your shipping fees. BUT If you spend $120 on your order, the shipping is free! 

What areas of Melbourne do you deliver to?
We are delivering our meals to most of Metropolitan Melbourne on a weekly basis.